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Our passion for filmmaking pushes us to capture those nearly unimaginable moments. We are in tune with youth culture and often focus on work that connects with the range of millennium aged audiences. We work with the coolest clients in the country, and take honest pride in consistently making them say, “holy sh*t.” Below are a few sample projects that are our favorites. It's a mix of client work or passion projects.

truth x Vans Shoe Ad

truth and Vans asked us to make an ad that emulated a montage of footage created by Snapchat users around the USA. This is the spot we made that ran in the top 100 Vans retail stores across the USA.


My Mom's horse has had an extremely lucky life over the years. From nearly being put down at just four years old, to being saved by my Mom and quickly becoming part of our family. Recently, I decided to make a short film about my Mother, her horse and their bond of nearly 25 years. - Lucas

Hunter at Bartlett Falls

During high school we hunted for waterfalls and when we discovered Bartlett Falls, right outside a small town in the middle of Vermont, we struck gold. It's been many years since the first time I dove into that frigid mountain water. And it feels spectacular to finally be able to pay homage with this short film. - Nick

Putting Kids First in Baltimore - KaBOOM! Short Documentary

The story of the playground builds that KaBOOM! did in Baltimore's run down neighborhoods is heart-rending. When asked to tell that story we were honored. Seeing the situation that the city is facing in real life was challenging but helping to share the story of hope for a better life for the youth was extremely fulfilling.

The 4th of july

Creating videos that move people is something I aim for every time. Every summer the 4th of July is one of my favorite holidays. The range of activities, places and people that one can see during the three day weekend can be overwhelming. This year I set out to capture that range of activities, people and places. I like how it turned out. - Nick