As a kid I was obsessed with building forts. They gave me an opportunity to create a special place for my friends, my family, and myself. They could be built anywhere: the forest behind our house in Washington State, the desert beyond our fence in Phoenix, Arizona, the enormous mounds of snow we tunneled through at Lake Tahoe, or even the back seat of a car during a road trip. 

In my life, there was always a land of forts—a place of creativity and adventure. A place where magic was possible. 

The name "Fortland" originates from these times and places where imagination ran wild.

With every project we create, we tap into that part of our lives.

What's inside your Fort?

- Nick

Nick Girard - Founder/Director

Nick is a rolling stone; with a rockstar look, and more drive than Happy Gilmore. A wanderer by choice, badass by nature, and genuine good guy; his veins flow with adventure, aesthetics fuel his creative eye & story creates the foundation for his work. Nick’s unique style makes him a go-to for capturing those nearly unimaginable moments. He works with the coolest clients in the country, and takes honest pride in consistently making them say “holy shit.” To name a few: VH1, Adult Swim, Hulu,Volvo, Reebok, the truth campaign, KaBOOM!, Vans, One Republic, Arnold WorldWide & Wondros.

Lucas Van Oss - Editor/cinematographer

Lucas is the definition of crushing it; the guy's a machine. Born & bred in New Hampshire with a heart of gold and the hide of an Inuit. Put a camera in his hands and he will capture that look you've always wanted, but never knew where to find. Once behind an edit suite he’ll mix your tears of joy with our beautiful footage to create a moment sure to make you & your people say, “holy shit.” Lucas has worked alongside the likes of: Scion, The VIA Agency, Shutterfly, POC Sports, Triggerhouse, Ski The East & NBTV Studios.